Cobourg Highland Games Seeks Volunteers


Cobourg Highland Games Seeks Volunteers

The Cobourg Highland Games Society is preparing for its 53rd year.

The Society is made up of local volunteers with a variety of interests, backgrounds and talents. It is seeking volunteers for the Cobourg Highland Games Committee to fill some key roles for the coming year in order to help ensure this event carries on and secure its success.

Some of the positions which volunteers are being sought for are Secretary, Fundraising Chair, Communication Coordinator, Sponsorships Coordinator, Advertising Coordinator, Parking Coordinator and Services Coordinator.

  • The Secretary is responsible for recording, distributing and maintaining copies of meeting minutes, records and correspondence on behalf of the Committee.
  • The Fundraising Chair helps coordinate events, fundraising activities and donations through other members of the committee and with the public.
  • The Communications Coordinator is responsible for press releases, social media, ensures events are posted in appropriate places both in print and online, maintains the website and serves as the liaison with the media on behalf of the Committee and the Society.
  • The Sponsorships Coordinator identifies potential sponsors, both large and small and solicits and secures sponsorships for events as well as the Cobourg Highland Games itself.
  • The Parking Coordinator recruits and instructs volunteers to organize parking and collect fees or donations. The coordinator also sets up the parking area(s).
  • The Services Coordinator plays a supporting role and coordinates and supports security, sound systems, tents, services and infrastructure and recruits and provides volunteers as necessary.

Previous experience helping with other events and organizations in the community is an asset however enthusiasm and dedication are the most important qualities.

To volunteer for one of the above positions or to volunteer to help in any way, please email

Cobourg Highland Games Volunteer Positions

1-3 Months prior to Highland Games

  • Distribute Posters, Rack Cards around Northumberland County and beyond - Peterborough, Lindsay, Oshawa, Brighton, Campbellford, Cobourg and Port Hope
  • Personal vehicle necessary

Days Before, During and After the Festival


  • NEED: 2 Volunteers to work with the Concessions Director
  • Thursday 10am - 12pm: to help measure out and place spots for vendors
  • Friday 10am - 4pm: help Vendors to their spots
  • Saturday 6am - 10am: Help Vendors to their spots, make sure everyone is set-up
  • Able to work with people, familiarity with hydro needs a benefit

Setup & Tear down

  • NEED: 8 - 12 Volunteers
  • Friday 9am - 1pm: Assemble Stages heavy lifting required, Personal Cordless Power Drill necessary, Set up refreshment tent
  • Friday 9am - 11am: Put out Directional Signage around Cobourg - need personal vehicle
  • Saturday 6am - 9am: Install Flags on Bleachers, Put up Sponsor Banners, Deliver Tables & Chairs to Dance Area, Heavy Events, Set up Gazebos, Rope off Dancer Gazebo Area
  • Saturday 6pm - 8pm: Disassemble stages and put back in trailer, Take down Flags & Sponsor Banners, Pick up tables & Chairs and place in storage, Pick up Litter
  • Sunday 9am - 4pm: Complete clean up of park.

Gates Admission

  • 24 Volunteers
  • Games Ambassadors at the Gates and Collect gates admissions
  • Saturday 7am - (3pm 5pm): 4 per Gate / shift
  • 3 Gates (Queen & McGill, Church & Perry, Centennial Pool parking)

Raffle Ticket sales

  • 8-12 Volunteers
  • Games Ambassadors responsible for selling Raffle Tickets
  • Saturday 8am - 5pm: (2 shifts 4.5hrs or 3 shifts 3hrs), Will require standing or walking around park.

Information Table

  • 8 Volunteers
  • Sitting positions
  • Saturday 9am - 5pm: (2 hr shifts in pairs), Handout Programs, Sell Raffle Tickets, Answer questions of guests

Centennial Pool Parking

  • 4 Volunteers
  • Responsible for making sure reserved parking is used by allowed vehicles
  • Saturday 7am - 12pm: Monitor parking for Vendors & VIP parking

Refreshment Tent

  • 39 Volunteers
  • Smart Serve preferred
  • Friday 5pm - 10:30pm: Bar Manager, 2 servers, 2 ticket sellers, Smart Serve preferred
  • Saturday 10:30am - 11pm: 4 shifts (10:30am - 1pm, 1pm - 4pm, 4pm - 7pm, 7pm - close)
    1 - 2 Bar Manager(s), 8 - 10 Ticket Sellers, 16 Bar servers, 8 Floaters (2 per shift) to clear tables, fill in where required.


  • 2 Volunteers
  • Saturday 1pm to 3pm: ¬†Survey patrons to fill out surveys to track information.


  • 1-2 Volunteers
  • Capture the Games in pictures. Own camera required.
  • Friday 6pm - 10pm
  • Saturday 8am - 10pm

Thank you for considering volunteering for the Games. Please email: Your help in organizing the Games would be very welcome.